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Seminole Radio Control Club

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Next Club Meeting: Thursday July 18, 2024 at the field of the annual BBQ and Night Fly event - times will be emailed.

Flying Site: Directions to the new field are provided below or you can use the Field Map link in the menu on the left of this page.


The Seminole Radio Control Club (SRCC) is a non-profit, open membership, AMA chartered club (#216)  located in Tallahassee, Florida.  The airfield is located 4.1 miles east of Tallahassee on US 27 South, at the Apalachee Regional Park. The entrance to the field has been relocated. We will now be using the main entrance to the landfill. Heading north (south) on Highway 27 make a right (left) turn into the landfill and drive straight back past the weigh station and administrative office. Follow the road as it turns right and look for the new field entrance on your left. The "Field Map" link in the menu to the left will bring up a Google Map showing the location of our field.. The field is leased from Leon County, which is paid for by club dues.  Dues also pay for some of  its maintenance and various  club activities. Facilities at the new field include a pavilion with several picnic tables, pilot stations, electrical outlets, and a port-a-let.

Do you think that you might be interested in the hobby of building and flying radio controlled model aircraft? Then check out this video from the Academy of Model Aeronautics!


Memberships Offered

General Membership:    Adult membership includes all flying, social, and voting privileges.   Dues are $80.00 annually.

Family Membership:   Extends full flying privileges to immediate family residing at same household.  Family members are welcome to attend events and club meetings, however only the primary member may vote.  Dues are $100.00 annually.

Junior Membership:   Eligible to persons under the age of 18. Member receives the club’s monthly newsletter, has full flying privileges, and is welcome to attend club events and meetings, but does not include voting privileges.  Dues are $20.00 annually.

Associate Membership: Open to any remote control aircraft enthusiast who does not hold Academy of Model Aeronautics membership.  Associate members shall have limited rights and privileges. Associate members shall not vote, hold office or operate remotely controlled aircraft.

 See the "Bylaws" link at the left for more information about membership.

You can download a membership form here which contains full information concerning Club membership.

Club Meeting Location and Time

The regular club meetings are held on the third Thursday of each month at 7:00 PM. We are currently meeting at The Wine House at 1355 Market Street.

How to join AMA

The most important eligibility requirement that the club strictly enforces is that each member must maintain a current individual AMA insurance policy. The Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) is a national organization that exists to further the hobby. Membership provides more than a million dollars of liability insurance, plus includes a subscription to a monthly magazine that is quite informative.  AMA is also our primary insurance carrier. See the AMA worldwide web page at www.modelaircraft.org

How to join SRCC

Feel free to visit the field, attend a club meeting, or contact one of the club officers.  The field is open to public spectators whenever club members are present. There is a pavilion (with fans for the summer heat) so you can bring the whole family to watch the action.  If you're new to R/C, we have an active instructor program and even club trainer aircraft and instructors!  If you interested in attending a club meeting see the notice at the top of this page for more information or the contacts section to get in touch with a club member.

If you are ready to join, you can download a Membership Application here. Complete this form and send it to the address listed on the form. You can include a dues check or pay using Paypal as directed on the form.